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Captivating Photos Reveal the Pain and Beauty of Misspent Youth in Florida (NSFW)
Ellyn Ruddick-Sunstein, featureshoot.com
Paul Kwiatkowski’s illustrated coming-of-age novel And Every Day Was Overcast is a raw and frenzied stream-of-consciousness exploration of boyhood sexual awakenings as told through a haze of drug use, teenage anxiety, and Floridian humidity…

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raise your hand if you just want to kiss a girl and eat pizza

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Sarah Gonzales
#vscocam indoor source, outdoor light. I’m a bit rusty  (at Upton’s Breakroom)
I can’t handle this much cuteness.

Sunday ride 2


Josef Váchal 
Incubus (Succubus), 1907

Reblog if no one has a crush on you.

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